Congratulations on signing up for BJJ101. You are going to learn a lot of practical skills, a new way to move your body, gain some confidence and most likely shed a few pounds in the process.

We wanted to give you a little insight on what to expect as you start this new journey into Jiu Jitsu.


First off, come on in a little early to sign some paperwork, get dressed and be ready to hop on the mats.


You will want to wear something comfortable. Gym shorts, running tights or really anything comfortable and with a little give. Most workout clothes are fine.

Grooming is a must. Try to maintain short nails. We use our hands and feat in almost every technique. Long and sharp nails shred skin when people are wrestling.

Remove any body jewelry as they have a tendency to tear or snag when grappling. If you cannot remove them, tape over them with medical or athletic tape. Try to make sure you or your clothes do not smell. grappling is a very personal and close activity. Making sure you smell as fresh as possible goes a long way with your training partners and coaches. A little coat of deodorant never hurt anyone!

On the same topic, try to shower with 30 minutes of getting off the mats. We wash the mats several times a day but with rigorous activity comes a lot of sweat and grime. To avoid any bacteria or fungal issues we recommend you shower off and wash as soon as possible.

Mat Etiquette

Throughout the next several weeks we are going to get to know each other and spend a good amount of time in very close proximity to one another. Please keep these next points in mind.

Try to view your sparring partners as people who are there to help you learn as you are there to help them. Grappling is usually thought of as an individual sport but we really are a team and the only way we get better is together.

The more you relax and let go of the outcome, the faster you will learn. The harder you try to squeeze and muscle your way through every situation, the slower your progress will be.

Be CAREFUL when applying submissions. Many of the injuries that occur in jiu-jitsu are caused by students who lack self-control and apply moves with too much brute force. Be controlled.

Be aware of those sparring around you. All too often avoidable injuries happen when one pair of sparring students lands on top of another. If your area of the mat becomes crowded, move to another place.

Don’t put your hands or feet on your opponent’s face. Do not grab and twist fingers to break a grip. The rule for fingers is 3 or more.