Classes are held seven days a week.

If you have any questions about training or joining, please contact the gym.

Class Schedule

6:30 AMNo Gi – All levels **No Gi – All levels **
10:00 AMNo Gi – All levelsGi – All levelsNo Gi – All levelsGi – All levelsNo Gi – All levelsKids age 5-7

Kids age 8-14

11:00 AMRandoriRandoriRandoriRandoriRandoriGi Fundamentals

Women’s team – Fundamentals

Women’s team – Fundamentals
12:00 PMNo Gi – All levelsRandoriWomen’s team – Advanced
1:00 PMNo Gi – All levels
2:00 PMRandori
4:00 PM
Kids – age 5-7Kids – (advanced no gi)*Kids – age 5-7Kids – (advanced gi)*Kids – age 5-7
5:00 PMKids – age 8-14
Kids (No gi) – age 8-14
Kids – age 8-14
5:00 PMWomen’s team – Fundamentals
5:00 PMNo Gi – FundamentalsGi – FundamentalsNo Gi – FundamentalsGi – Fundamentals
6:00 PM
No Gi – All levelsGi – All levelsNo Gi – All levelsNo Gi – All levelsNo Gi – All levels
6:00 PM
No Gi – Fundamentals

No Gi – Fundamentals
7:00 PMRandoriRandoriRandoriRandoriRandori

Fundamentals – These classes are focused on newer students and appropriate for anyone just beginning. Content is taught in two week blocks over a four month curriculum. Read more about the fundamentals program here.

All level classes – Students are expected to be proficient in all basic positions and be able to train safely and intelligently both on the feet and on the floor.

Randori – This is an open mat session where students are continuing to drill or doing live training rounds.

* – Kids Advanced classes scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00 PM are bracketed for at least grey-white belt students OR instructor invitation.

** – The Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 am sessions are presently a small closed group open to vaccinated members only. Please email with any inquiries about joining this group.