Alison Chen, Blue Belt

I’ve had the privilege of training under Aaron for a few years. Not only is he an amazing practitioner, he has a rare gift of being able to teach techniques that anyone can understand. He gives thoughtful answers to questions based on a student’s size, strength, and build. Students walk away with confidence in the technique.

For me, one of Aaron’s most valuable traits as a teacher is how he motivates you to challenge yourself no matter what skill level or gender you are. Although he keeps an eye on safety, he encourages you to fight your own battles and is generous with his advice afterward. His personality makes it easy for him to connect with all different types of people. He is an eternal student himself, constantly curious and searching for ways to make his techniques more efficient. He inspires this in his students as well.

Aaron comes from a line of high quality instructors. He takes his responsibility as a teacher seriously. There is no pretense. He cares about his students development and wants to share his love and respect for BJJ. I feel incredibly fortunate to have his instruction and guidance. He has greatly impacted my life on and off the mat.

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