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March BJJ 101 class update

Registration is open for our next Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals class beginning Monday, March 5th. Get in shape, learn basic self defense, and lay the groundwork for what will hopefully become a lifelong practice. This course meets three times a week for two months. Read more about the class and sign up at http://renzogracieportland.com/bjj-101/ **Stay tuned for […]

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Back to School Special

The back to school routine after months of summertime fun can be a hard transition. An after school Jiu Jitsu practice could be just what your child needs.

Renzo Gracie Portland will help your child develop:
– self confidence
– better concentration 
– physical fitness and practical self defense skills.

read more about our kids program here.
email us today to see how we can help. info@renzogracieportland.com


Upcoming BJJ 101 classes


Next week on June 5th and 6th we have two new Jiu Jitsu fundamentals / BJJ 101 sessions starting.

First, we are adding three new classes a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 10am. The content of these classes will be the same as our evening BJJ 101 classes, so suited for the beginner with no experience.

Beginning on Tuesday June 6th we start a new evening BJJ 101 that runs Tuesday and Thursday 5pm-6pm with review Saturday at 11am.

You can read more about this class at our 101 page here.

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Holiday Special

We have a holiday special on our proven Jiu Jiusu beginners course – BJJ 101.

The regular course meets three times a week for two months.
If you are a part of the January or February course, and complete it, your next month of regular gym membership is free.

Three months of training. $200.
I can’t make it any easier to help you get in better shape and learn to defend yourself.

Read more about the class and sign up at http://renzogracieportland.com/bjj-101/

or, if you have any further questions, please email to info@renzogracieportland.com


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August BJJ 101

Our next BJJ 101 course is right around the corner. (Aug 2)

2 months.
3 classes a week. (meets Tues/Thurs at 5pm and Sat at noon)

This is absolutely the best way for a novice to begin to train.
please read more about our class here: http://rgapdx.com/bjj-101/


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Larry Hope Seminar

We are happy to host Larry Hope for a seminar on Sunday May 22 at 11am.
Larry is the first black belt under Aaron Milam and Jin Yung out of Workshop NYC, he presently trains and teaches in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Larry will be training at RGAPDX and available for privates from the 18th-23rd.

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July 101 class scheduled


Next Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 101 class scheduled!

Monday,July 6th 2015, I will be starting a new intro to BJJ cycle that will run for 8 weeks on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-7 pm with review days every Saturday at 12 pm.

This beginner level course is perfect as an introduction to the art, a self defense primer, or simply a way to sharpen your fundamental skills.

Read more about the class here.